Brick staining, Masonry Staining Stain Systems 

Product Description "Masonry & Brick Stain"

Even the slightest color change can be achieved

The masonry staining system is a latex, water-based solution, together with finely dispersed, small particle sized inorganic iron oxide pigments.

The system is designed to preserve the appearance of the substrates to which it is applied, while correcting color defects and enhancing the existing surface.

The stain is specifically formulated to maintain maximum translucency, not to hide the texture or appearance of the substrate and should not be confused with masonry paints and their maintenance commitments.

The stain is formulated to achieve a high degree of penetration and does not produce a film coat but reacts in the masonry substrate to produce the bond.

The original surface texture of the masonry is not changed by the process the effect is the designed color change. Our masonry staining system has been used industrially for over forty years with great success! (low V.O.C.s)  

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